The Word Alive – Dark Matter

This Album Will Have You Trapped On Repeat


Release Date: March 18, 2016
Label: Fearless Records
Rocks Like: blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada
Recommended Track(s): Face To Face, Sellout, Made This Way

At long last! The reason this review is so delayed is because was actually traveling out to Texas to catch The Word Alive at So What?! Music Festival. But now I’m back and I’ve had the time to give this album a solid listen through. Dark Matter is the fifth full length album release by the Arizona five piece. So let’s take a listen, shall we?

“Dark Matter” was one of our most anticipated releases of 2016. Their previous album, “Real.”, came out in 2014 and they’ve been doing big things ever since, including several headliners and tours overseas. The band made it clear how hard they worked on bringing “Dark Matter” together, and how proud of the album they are. As they should be!

One of the most notable things about this album in my opinion is that, in each song, you can hear the influence of the bands The Word Alive grew up on. It’s a nice way to bring up feelings of nostalgia while also eating up the new spin the band’s packed into each track. The instrumentation is something to be admired. No two tracks on this album are the same, yet each musician delivers their parts with such skill. Let’s just point out those drums in “Sellout” and the bass line in “Insane.” If you’re looking for heavy, there’s several breakdowns that should satisfy you. If you’re looking to sing along to something melodic, “Face To Face” and “Dreamer” are probably the ways to go.

There is a song on this album for every type of listener. I myself wasn’t a huge fan of “Trapped” at first, but it’s since grown on me and there’s several other songs on the album that I completely fell in love with. I urge everyone to give “Dark Matter” at least one full listen through before you make up your mind about it because as I’ve said, every track is completely different, there’s no way to judge the full work off of just one or two singles.

The Word Alive has already released music videos for “Sellout” and “Trapped” and will be performing on the Monster stages all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour.

Stream the new album on the platform of your choice; it’s available on all of the major streaming services!

Track Listing:

1. Dreamer
2. Trapped
3. Face To Face
4. Sellout
5. Insane
6. Made This Way
7. Suffocating
8. Piece Of Me
9. Branded
10. Grunge
11. Dark Matter
12. Oxy

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