The Back To Basics Tour

With Like Moths To Flames, Get Scared, & Picturesque

Date:July 13, 2016
Venue: The Biltmore Cabaret
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Highlight: Blessthefall’s encore of the iconic “Hey Baby, Here’ s That Song You Wanted
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

Everyone took a break from playing Pokemon Go to come check out the Back To Basics Tour as it ventured up north into Canada-land.

After choosing to relocate the show from the original venue to a smaller more intimate location, the Biltmore Cabaret was decided upon. The dark and cozy venue, despite it’s size and unassuming nature has played host to some of the biggest talent to come through Vancouver, and tonight was no different, the Biltmore was about to explode with some of the genre’s heaviest hitters.

Picturesque was set with the task of starting the night, and pulling the crowd to the floor. These Equal Vision youngbloods have hit the ground running, after touring relentlessly for the past year, we’ve personally been able to catch them an impressive 3 times in their busy schedule. Quickly setting the caliber of talent for the evening, it’s no wonder why they’re topping must-watch lists across the scene. Front man Kyle Hollis as we’ve said before, effortlessly slays the high’s on the bands challenging playlist, and has been noted with giving Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn and A Skylit Drive frontman Michael Jagmin a run for their money.

Having just released a haunting new music video for their single “Monsterous Things” five days before the show, those who knew the band sang along- and those who didn’t made reminders in their phones to check it out when they got home.

Then it was on to Get Scared, having just returned from touring in Japan, they treated the audience to sing-a-longs from their latest album Demons which everyone seemed to know the lyrics to. Tracks like “Buried Alive” and “Suffer”  had the crowd crooning along.

Like Moths To Flames were up next…

“The heaviest band of the night, with not a security guard in sight, and no barrier to stop the crowd from ending up on stage, this was bound to be an up close and uncomfortable set. Bassist Aaron Evans actually had a mild look of concern for some of the smaller girls that had made their way to the front of the stage.”

LMTF gave everyone a chance for release as vocalist Chris Roetter demanded everyone to “Throw your middle fingers in the air, if you have something to let go of now is the time to do it.” – literally and figuratively of course. As the music to “GNF” started to build, you knew things were about to get messy.

From walls of death, to circle pits, everyone got their opportunity to crash around. Heavy-hitting from start to finish, even after poking jokes about their age, announcing “We only got a few more, because we’re old” the energy did not cease, and their set ended in a sweaty mess of satisfaction.

With only a short intermission to clean up the carnage and take a deep breath, Blessthefall was ready to take their rightful place as headlining act. They blessed the crowd with a collection of classic favourites and new material, with a special focus on their latest record To Those Left Behind.

If you can believe it, this was the bands first visit to Vancouver since 2008, when they played Taste of Chaos alongside Avenged Sevenfold. From the audience’s enthusiasm, it’s apparent everyone has been patiently waiting for the last 8 years to meet again.

“The intimacy of the venue only exaggerated the crowds enthusiasm more, the pit during Blessthefall’s set was wild. The vibe was one of togetherness, and felt more like watching your favourite local band play at your favourite dive up the street, except this time it was internationally acclaimed Blessthefall, and their entourage of metalcore talent.”

Having never played Vancouver before Beau Bokan, who’s always been a distinguished front man, finally had the opportunity to showcase his vocal talent live. The charming contrast of him hitting those “BR00T4L” growly, uncleans combined with his “dad-side” carefully pouring water into the mouths of the front row, while offering a lesson in how staying hydrated is important. Beau Bokan is one of those musicians you can’t help but admire musically, and personally. Despite line-up changes earlier in the band’s  history, it is apparent the current line-up is gold. The musicianship was tight throughout the length of the set, and the energy and charisma of the live show was infectious.

With special birthday wishes in order Beau had no shame in mentioning  that it was Jared Warth’s special day, annnndddd for the ladies in the audience, he’s freshly single. Cheers approvingly echoed throughout the crowd. We think his twitter says it all…

It didn’t take long after Blessthefall called it a night for the audience to coo them back to center stage for an encore. The familiar dialogue of “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted” echoed out through the venue as the crowd that had not stopped moving the entire night fired back to life. That seemed like the last song everyone needed to complete their nostalgic evening, as the last chords rung out into the night everyone could leave feeling complete and satisfied…

EVERYONE enjoyed themselves, even this guy…


Yes, that’s his tooth. Yes, that’s the hole where his tooth should go. Despite inopportune circumstances, he was still convinced this was the best night ever, and left with memories he wont forget, even if he wanted to.

Be sure to check out the Blessthefall photo collection from the show here!




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