The Everything That Got Us Here Tour

With SECRETS, Palisades, Too Close To Touch, & Picturesque

Date: February 26, 2016
Venue: El Corazon
City: Seattle, WA, USA
Highlight: The feeling in the venue as everyone heard Palisades perform ‘Fall‘ live for the very first time.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

In a strange moment of déjà vu we find ourselves back in Seattle in the midst of another torrential downpour, about to catch up with Picturesque and Palisades again at the good ol’ El Corazon. It’s been only a short 4 months since the Younger Dreams Tour back in November, but we’re not complaining! Any opportunity to catch the boys of Picturesque and Palisades is one we’re eager to take.

The Everything That Got Us Here Tour almost became the We Didn’t Get Here Tour for night openers Picturesque, after struggling with van issues in Sacramento they were forced to miss out on Portland altogether. With technical difficulties sorted, we were more than happy to welcome them back to Seattle.

A standout new band in the scene, if Remember MEdia had a ‘New Bands To Know‘ list, or better yet a, ‘NEW BANDS YOU NEED TO KNOW BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD‘ list, Picturesque would undoubtedly be at the top.

The guys breezed through tracks off their debut EP as well as songs like ‘Who We Are‘ and the title track ‘Monsterous Things‘ from their recently released second EP. They even treated the crowd to a brand new, yet to be named track which made us even more excited at what the future holds for the promising talent of Picturesque.

Next up were Epitaph’s very own Too Close To Touch who made the most of their time in Seattle, doing some writing with Jesse Lawson (ex-Sleeping With Sirens) while here. Did you know if you looked closely around the venue you may have seen him roaming the crowd.

These Kentucky natives obviously knew the importance of first impressions, and wasted no time in introducing themselves with their overly catchy hooks and emotionally fueled set. ‘Pretty Little Thing‘ and ‘Nerve Endings‘ were obvious crowd favourites of the night.

Palisades were up next, an absolute must-see when it comes to live bands. The energy they bring to the room is addictive, with their combination dance-party, mosh pit opening vibes.

“Normally you hear bands yelling at everyone to get moving (sometimes even threatening), completely unnecessary when it comes to Palisades, as from the first hit to the last hit, the crowd did not stand still. Songs like ‘Player Haters’ Ball’ and ‘Mind Games’ turned the shaky El Corazon into the biggest party in Seattle!”

As much déjà vu as we experienced tonight, tonight was also an evening of “firsts”. For example, the first time we, along with everyone else in the audience were able to experience ‘Fall’ being played live (after being announced only 5 days prior to the show ). It was overwhelming to see the reaction of the crowd, everyone in the room already knew the lyrics and were singing along. It was beautiful, and seemed to be the moment the band had in mind while writing the song, as it fit the singalong moment of a live audience so perfectly. We enjoyed witnessing the softer side of Palisades, and are now even more eager to see what the new album has in store.

Check out this video we shot from the crowd, just trying to capture the moment for you!

** On a side, I also have to make a note of Palisades dedication to their fans, as the band is leaving the stage I see Lou kneel down to share one last word with a girl in the crowd. Time and time again I see these guys hanging around after their set chatting with fans, so cool and casually, definitely refreshing to see a band acting so chill and genuine.

They may be the last and main act of the night, but another first  for any of us here at RM was seeing SECRETS with Wade Walters joining Richard Rogers in fronting the band, laying down the screams to compliment Roger’s soaring melodies . It seems like just yesterday we had the unfortunate task of reporting on the departure of yet another SECRETS frontman  Aaron Melzer.  Well, it seems Walter’s has already made himself at home on the stage, seeming entirely comfortable fronting the already widely successful band and having the stage presence necessary to keep fans entertained.

“Bands boasting two frontmen or vocalists always intrigue me. Maybe subconsciously I’m confused as to where to look, or maybe I just personally know too many singers (and their corresponding egos) to believe that two frontmen are actually able to ‘share’ the spotlight”

This however, was not the case with SECRETS, the on stage dynamic was far more complimentary than competitive, with both Walter’s and Roger’s feeding off the energy of the other, making for some great harmonic moments.

Throughout the night they focused on songs from Everything That Got Us Here, but didn’t forget old fans either playing tracks like ‘Ready For Repair‘ from Fragile Figures, and even a couple from The Ascent. After announcing that ‘Somewhere In Hiding‘ would be their last song, they truly brought the SECRETS nostalgia, and forced Wade to prove himself on the screams.

After disappearing off the stage just long enough for one of the stage hands to set up a lone chair and an acoustic guitar, the fans knew we were about to get an up close and personal look at the true vocal capabilities of Richard Rogers. During the encore Roger’s played through ‘Sleep Well Darling‘, which was a beautiful lullaby to the end of the evening, gently mellowing everyone out before hitting them hard one last time with one of SECRETS most notoriously heavy tracks, ‘Live Together, Die Alone‘ boasting a breakdown that completely rocked the pit and reminded the crowd of everything that got them here.

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