The Haunted Youth Tour

With Ghost Town, Dangerkids, Palaye Royale, Bad Seed Rising, & Sounds Like Harmony

Date: November 5, 2015
Venue: Tom Lee Music Hall
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Highlight: The drummers. Seriously, all of them!
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

The Christmas decorations may have been out at Tom Lee Music Hall, but the building was full of “Ghosts” as ‘The Haunted Youth Tour’ rolled into Vancouver.

First up was Sounds Like Harmony, who you may know better as YouTube sensation/ teenage heart throb Tyler Hagen. Unfortunately, we missed his set while in an interview, but judging by the sound of girls screaming, he did what he did best- make the Vancouver girls swoon…and play some guitar.

Next up, if you haven’t heard of Bad Seed Rising yet, just give it a day or two… seriously. These Baltimore natives are about to become a household name, chances are you’ve actually already heard them- if you’ve watched the movie ‘Spy.’ Bringing the “youth” to Haunted Youth Tour, watching their sophistication on stage makes it hard to believe that their youngest member is only 13 years old! (Seriously reconsidering my life choices right about now!) With a voice already comparable to Hayley Williams (Paramore) with just a tinge of Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) badass-ery, front woman Francheska Pastor owns the stage with the presence of a seasoned pro. The band are as good live as they are in studio, and have definitely proved themselves as an ‘RM Band 2 Watch’.

Next on the bill was Palaye Royale, a self-proclaimed Fashion-Art-Rock band, whose charming stage presence was slightly reminiscent of Panic! At The Disco circa 2006Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour.’ Their happy, rock n’ roll vibes were a fun contradiction to their Tim Burton-esque appearances. I’m currently still trying to decide which was more beautiful, their Gretsch guitars or the boys themselves. There’s also something oddly charming about drummer Emerson’s resting bitch face. It’s almost endearing the way he looks mildly annoyed by everything around him, from his drum set, to his fellow band mates hopping up on equipment next to him. What a bother!

Ps: This bands Kickstarter account is almost as unconventional as they are! In true Palaye Royale style, it’s full of the finer things in life: music, art, philosophical conversation….oh and home cooked meals- because who wouldn’t want a couple elegant men in top hats to personally cook dinner for you and your BFF? Check it out here:

This tour definitely showed us what the ladies are made of! Starting with female fronted Bad Seed Rising and then following up with Katie Cole of Dangerkids who killed it on drums and somehow managed to look adorable, and completely badass at the same time. Dangerkids were definitely the heaviest band on the bill, with breakdowns that shook the floor of this 3rd story venue. For their first ever show in Vancouver, it’s safe to say they will be welcomed back with open arms/mosh pits.

“One a side note: Jake Bonham rocked more than just his bass tonight, can we all please just take a moment to appreciate his dedication to Movember, today & everyday, excellent work Jake, excellent work.”

Finally, the main haunt of the night, Ghost Town. The Vancouver crowd was in for a special treat, as the bands latest album ‘Evolution’ was officially being released during tonight’s show. That’s right! Kevin was singing the new songs to us in person, as fans across the country were taking their first listens. The new tracks were well received, with fans already singing every word to practically every song!

Often drummers get shunned to the back of the stage, it’s important to point out that all the drummers this tour deserve a special spot front row center, and Ghost Town drummer Manny, was certainly no exception. Not only are his technical skills on point, but the way he executes them with so much swagger and style makes him a definite entertainer. Throw in Alix’s catchy guitar riffs, and Kevin’s charm and presence and it’s no wonder they’re headlining this tour ‘round.

Overall, due to the smaller, intimate nature of the venue, the show was cozy, and allowed fans a chance to get up close and personal with these talented artists. After being deceivingly titled ‘The Haunted Youth Tour’ I know more fans will be going home to sweet dreams rather than nightmares tonight.

Happy Haunting!

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