The Light In The Cave Tour

With I See Stars, Chunk, No Captain Chunk!, Get Scared, Palaye Royale & The White Noise

Date: February 18, 2016
Venue: The Canal Club
City: Richmond, VA
Highlight: Andrew Oliver blew us all away with his new position working the synth and the electronics. It’s refreshing to see him showcasing other talents!
Reviewed by: Shae Beaudoin

RM Girl Shae took a 17 hour bus ride from Orlando to Richmond to catch the second show on this tour. So naturally we felt the need to review it so the rest of you that are planning on attending, or who are still on the fence, can have a good idea of what to expect. Read on to see what her thoughts were!

The Light In The Cave Tour is I See Stars’ current headlining run. They’ve brought along Chunk, No Captain Chunk!, Get Scared, Palaye Royale and The White Noise as supporting acts. Pretty solid line up as all the bands can hold their own. The crowd didn’t stand still for a single minute the entire night. But let’s take it from the top, shall we?

The White Noise is a relatively new band to enter the scene but they’ve already begun making waves. Having recently signed to Fearless Records, their debut EP is due out next week! Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this. The White Noise packs one heck of a punch. They had the entire venue off their feet before we even had a chance to thaw out from standing outside in the cold (okay it wasn’t JUST the Floridian writing this that was complaining about 45 degrees being cold). They were a little crowded on the small stage, but they didn’t let that slow them down for a second.

Next up was Palaye Royale. You may remember them from our recent photo gallery with them from a few weeks back. We were super excited to catch them again with a different line up and they did not disappoint. They remind you through their set that they are playing “real rock and roll” music. If you’re looking for a description of their sound, that’s it. There’s no other way to explain their sound other than as back to the roots, heart and soul rock and roll. On first impression, you probably wouldn’t expect that from this band. Their style is a little more on the dark, gothic side that would scare most middle-aged parents away. However, if you can get that parent to just put in some head phones and listen, I think they’d be surprised to hear that this band has a closer sound to the rock and roll they grew up with than any other band out there today. Palaye Royale has also recently announced a record label signing; they signed with Sumerian Records.

Now, for everyone else, this would be the part where Get Scared took the stage. The band suffered maintenance issues with their vehicle—yep, already, tour’s barely even begun!—and they were forced to miss both the Baltimore and Richmond dates. They should be back up and running soon. Make sure you leave a tip for them at their table. Rough starts to tours are never fun, but we know they’ll come back and blow the rest of the tour away.

Chunk, No Captain Chunk! landed the main support slot and it’s clear to see why. The crowd went nuts for this band. They’ve got a very upbeat sound if you’ve never checked them out. But if you haven’t, you really should. The only word to describe their set is “energy.” The band never stopped moving, the crowd never stopped moving, crowd surfers were going every which way. On their last song, the vocalist addressed the crowd and selected a birthday girl out of the front row. He tasked her with crowd surfing all the way to the back before the end of the song. She did it, of course, and we have just one thing to say. Happy birthday, Riley!

Now the moment of truth. Since the recent announcement of the band’s line up changes, everyone’s been wondering just HOW I See Stars would be able to jump into touring again. As a lifelong fan myself, I promise you I shared some of those concerns. I was definitely nervous about how this night would go. I was not disappointed. In fact, I love the changes that have been made. Vocalist Devin Oliver is now covering both clean and unclean vocals. We know you have questions. Can he do it, is he any good, how can he do both? And on and on. To answer, yes, he can do it, and it’s pretty good, too. Sure, it sounds different but not in a distracting way. You can just clearly tell there’s a different screamer and that’s alright. Devin does a great job holding down those screams. As for how he can do both, in most I See Stars songs, there’s no overlap in cleans and uncleans. In the off times where there is overlap, Andrew Oliver has been covering backing vocals. It’s so nice to see him singing live! Andrew has also been moved from drums to manning the electronics. Pulling him out from behind the kit is amazing to see for me personally. It’s nice to see the band I’ve known from when we were all 14, 15 years old now showcasing other talents and really being given a chance to shine.

I don’t know if it’s only the shows I go to or if it’s a regular occurrence for them, but sadly there were some technical difficulties. It happens; computers have minds of their own after all. It was pretty clear the band was getting frustrated but really, they had nothing to fret. This crowd was one of the most patient ones I’ve ever been a part of. They rolled with the difficulties and just had fun in the meantime.

To sum up the Light In The Cave Tour, this is one you don’t want to miss. All the bands have their own unique sounds that somehow play great together. Not to mention that they all come fully loaded with energy. I’ve been to far too many shows in my life where the crowd doesn’t engage with openers at all; especially when the openers are a new or relatively unknown band. This was not the case on this tour which goes to show you just how much talents these bands possess. You’re in for a treat, technical difficulties or not. And if they do happen, so what? You’re there to have fun, so have FUN!


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