The Younger Dreams Tour

With Our Last Night, Palisades, Hail The Sun, & Picturesque

Date: November 13, 2015
Venue: El Corazon
City: Seattle, WA, USA
Highlight: Being the first to ever hear ‘Alive‘ played live by Palisades in a beautiful tribute to the lives lost today in the Paris terrorist attacks.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

After driving down from Vancouver, we realized we probably could have swam quicker to Seattle, due to the torrential downpour that almost claimed my car, and my life, at least 10 times! Ironically, due to the horrific road conditions it was almost Our Last Night and no matter how hard we tried to Hail The Sun, we were caught in  the midst of a Picturesque downpour.

(Yeah, I tried to fit ‘Palisades’ in there too, but things just got awkward.)

Despite the near imminent death, is it too cliche to say we wouldn’t have missed the ‘Younger Dreams Tour’ for the world?

Despite the dreary weather outside, the self-proclaimed dive-bar got comfy-cozy as fans snuggled up inside to start the show off!

After dredging through some technical difficulties Picturesque wasted no time starting off the show; jumping straight into their set, lively and eager to show Seattle exactly who they are! They may be a fresh face on the Equal Vision roster, but one thing’s for sure, these boys are quickly making themselves at home amongst the best of the best! If you’ve ever been kept awake at night pondering what the love child of Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes would sound like, wonder no more. The answer is Picturesque front man Kyle Hollis, who can hit any impossible high with ease and finesse. There is an unwavering passion throughout the entire band that makes their live set a must-see.

**Consider this our early Christmas present to you, you can download the entire ‘Picturesque EPhere or pre-order their new ‘Monstrous Things EP’ which comes out this Friday, November 20th here!

Next up, hailing from Chico, California was Hail The Sun, again ironic all weather considered.  Now, I had never heard Hail The Sun before tonight, and when the band kicked in, it took me a moment to figure out what was going on- where were the vocals coming from? Introducing Donovan Melero, it’s not every day you meet a band whose frontman is also their drummer! I’m immediately impressed, coming from the girl who cant tie her shoes and hold a basic conversation, not to mention play an incredibly difficult drum line while singing a completely different harmony. That’s skill. This unique line-up also completely changed the dynamic of the live show, as my eyes wandered around the stage, not quite knowing where to lay focus. I was definitely intrigued. And, if the band couldn’t fit one more surprise up their sleeve, they called to the stage their merch guy, who then took over on drums so Donovan could take the more conventional place of a vocalist at the front of the stage. One things for sure, that merch guy is DEFINITELY earning his keep on this tour!

Palisades electronic dance party was up next, the infectious energy of the these genre-benders quickly spread through the crowd as mosh pits opened up. Even though they were down a member (as Earl Halasan seemed to be missing…) the energy and enthusiasm was as strong as ever!

In amongst such a lively, fun set,  it seemed almost unreal that on the other side of the world Paris was left in complete devastation after a series of random terrorist attacks. Palisades chose to show their respect to the lives lost by playing a special song that they had never played on a tour before, ‘Afraid’ The lyrics…

“When you’re left for dead, show ‘em what’s left. Ohh, when it’s dark you cannot be afraid!”

…rang out through the intimate space of the El Corazon, powerful enough to send shivers down your spine. It was a beautiful tribute to a terrible tragedy.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for, the mood was set to the delicate flicker of incense smoke dancing up from the drum set as Our Last Night took to the stage.

Immediately, I noticed is a sort of authenticity and realness to their music, difficult to describe, yet completely obvious at the same time. While playing through tracks from ‘Oak Island‘ and ‘Younger Dreams‘ it was very apparent these were real thoughts, real instruments, and real passion, from some very real people.

The  harmonies between Trevor and Matt Wentworth on vocals were spot on the entire night, with their brotherly chemistry an absolute pleasure to witness in person. The rest of the band becomes extended family as they came together seamlessly to sound near-album perfection.

Tonight, OLN treated us to two of their most sought after covers, Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ and Imagine Dragon’s ‘Radioactive.Covers, when done incorrectly can come off as arrogant attempts to change something that is already perfect in the mind’s eye, leaving fans feeling insulted by an attempt that falls short. However, when a cover is done correctly, it can be tasteful, and show off the true artistry and musicianship of a band. Our Last Night is one of those bands that chooses their battles wisely, and always comes out on top.

**Be sure to check out their latest cover here! The Weeknd – ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

As much as we loved the covers, nothing compares to the originals, the songs they, themselves have wrote from the bottom of their hearts. There’s no substitution for passion, and this definitely transcended throughout the performance. The night was ended with an encore of ‘Sunrise‘ offering the perfect sunset moment to our evening.  As the lyrics rang out over the venue, the feeling in the air, was one of togetherness and passion.

Thank you Seattle, and thank you ‘Younger Dreams Tour‘, for a night of awakening emotions, and a show we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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