Vans Warped Tour 2016 Photo Review

Date: August 12, 2016
Venue: The Whiteriver Amphitheatre
City: Auburn, WA, USA
Highlight: Emarosa’s set. Full of more cameos than you can imagine. read on…

You know its going to be a good day, when before you even go through the gates into the venue, someone hands you a harmonica…

Well, it’s that time again, the best day of the summer! Time for the annual Vans Warped Tour to roll through Enumclaw, yup that’s technically where it’s hosted, even though all the posters say “Auburn”- fun fact!

In the true spirit of summer, today was HOT! And not just because of all the killer talent circling the venue. Nope, today was a scorching summer day, which means you could find me hiding in any given shade patch working on my moon tan. Pale girl problems.

“Starting the day off, they say good things come in three’s…. today Waterparks certainly wasn’t one of them. Good ol’ Geoff Wingington broke his hand, which proves to make playing guitar rather difficult. So alas we witness what a little creativity and sportsmanship can do when you’re trio’s down to two.”

Frontman Awsten and drummer Otto had quite a pickle on their hands while trying to Warped Tour sans Geoff, an entertaining set nonetheless, Awsten had the crowd in tears of laughter with his strangely endearing humor.

A set favourite had to be when the two decided it would be a…. great? idea to switch roles for a song; plenty of atrocious feedback later, the duo realized that it was a horrible, treacherous idea.

And Otto looked terrified the whole time!


Another very likeable part of Warped Tour is the showcase of new talent, there is something to be said about the moment when your wandering around the venue, hear something that catches your attention, and next thing you know you’ve discovered a new favourite band.

Palaye Royale captures your attention not only with their less common, timeless classic rock sound, but also their charming, “Tim Burton-esque”, dusty-attic-rock couture that could ONLY come from the glitz and glam of Vegas. That’s right, their style is unlike anyone else on the entire tour, and you can’t help but be intrigued. Throw in their obvious musicianship and you’re bound to be hooked. There look is slightly reminiscent of an early Panic! At The Disco, circa I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

With all the buzz currently circling around a potential My Chemical Romance reunion Palaye Royale cleverly covered  “Teenagers” which was bound to stop passerby’s in their tracks.




On the opposite side of the spectrum of bands you newly discover, are the Warped Tour veterans, the bands you know every lyric to every song. One of the biggest bands on this years’ tour had to be Sleeping With Sirens who definitely showed us how they earned their staying power. With the theme “We Like It Loud” the played a handful of tracks from Madness, as well as all the old favourites that had the entire crowd singling along. The charisma of Sleeping With Sirens and the obvious chemistry between members, made their set one of the funnest of the day.



Normally I would be devastated to hear news that Emarosa frontman and vocalist extraordinaire Bradley Walden’s vocal chords were out of service, but this tragedy lead to what could possibly be the most memorable set of the day.

In a true display of the closeness and togetherness these bands form while out together all summer on The Vans Warped Tour, Bradley called upon his fellow frontmen and women to come up and help sing through his set. Countless artists stepped up to the plate, including Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive, Ryan Graham of State Champs, Brother/Sister duo Savannah & Brandon Hudson  of The Heirs and countless others. Bradley did tough it out for a few tracks, and medical complications aside- still killed it. The result was a beautiful collaboration of talent all together on one stage, everyone was having a blast celebrating the unity that this scene has created.

“I can’t help but imagine the moment where Bradley was asking other musicians if they want to sing his parts while his voice was under repair, the horrified looks on their faces as they looked to the gods wondering why, out of all the musicians on the entire tour it had to be Bradley and his incredibly difficult, skill testing vocal lines that needed a stand in.”

It’s simply impossible to catch every talented act that takes the stage at Warped due to the fact that there are a number of stages, with bands playing all day long but some other acts worth noting were:

Falling In Reverse. Ronnie Radke remains to me one of the most intriguing frontmen of our time. His antics are like a car crash, you can’t help but look, and today’s Warped Tour presentation was no disappointment. Seems to me that Ronnie has gotten more maniacal than ever, making for a highly energetic and animated performance. In amidst Ronnie’s antics were soaring guitar solos that easily rolled off the strings of guitarist extraordinaire Christian Thompson.

Yellowcard, another Warped Tour classic. As the lyrics to “Ocean Avenue” echoed out over the crowd, you couldn’t help but feel both an air of nostalgia, combined with the feeling of being caught in the midst of the “perfect” summer moment.

Set It Off, are another Warped Tour must-see this year. Debuting a new song ironically called “Something New” off their upcoming album Upside Down, Set It Off had the entire crowd dancing.

Fitting the entire experience of a day at Warped Tour into one article is  a near impossible feat, the friends you meet, the summer memories you make, the vast diversity of music you get to hear, they don’t call it the best day of summer for nothing! You simply can’t explain it, you have to live it. See you next year!

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