Zach Johnson Announces New Band

Zach Johnson (former vocalist of I See Stars) has recently announced his new band, Therefore Farewell, as well as dropped their first single! We caught up with Zach to ask him a few questions, so keep reading to get informed!

Many were shocked and confused when they learned of the new I See Stars lineup featuring four members vs. the usual six. We’re not going to recap that story, but if you missed it, check it out here. What we are going to cover is the arrival of Therefore Farewell on the scene.

Apart from Zach, the band also includes Cameron Williams (guitar, current guitarist of Guard My Ways), Kyle Banks (Bass), Andrew Vela (guitar, current guitarist of Situations), and last but not least Hector Peralez (drums, current drummer of Situations).

Listeners of Therefore Farewell can expect many different genre clashes to come. There will be heavier music, more electronic music, and possibly a ballad in the future. As far as touring goes, the band will need the support of all their fans to be able to get on the road, so be sure to hit up their social media with likes and follows!

Over the next six months, the band’s plans are to continue to write music and compose an album.
Oh, and here’s a special message from Zachy J himself:
“Finally, I would like to say thank you so much to all the fans that have stuck with me and are supporting the rise of the new project. The more you guys like us and follow us on the internet will be crucial to us hitting the road and getting an album in stores near you.”
So without further ado, here’s the debut single, “Shadows.”

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